Old Stoariegler Dixielandband

Founded in 1976, the band is still one of the most remarkable Dixieland and Swing formations of Austria. Exciting live-acts, a lot of radio and TV-shows and several CDs have made the band a well-known highlight in the European Jazz scene. They played several tours with the great Oscar KLEIN, Jazz-festivals in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia (Jazz Lent Maribor), Italy, Germany (Dresden 1997), Suisse (Ascona 2000) and and and ...

The band has its own festival in Graz (Styria) each spring and the seven are known especially for their funny and really "hot" interpretations of standards and even classical music in the tradition of Spike Jones.

Old Stoariegler Dixielandband

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Klaus Melem (b),  Franz "Karli" Brodschneider (tb),  Hannes Bauer (tp),
Charly Weiss (cl, ts),  Martin Nestl (dr),  Dejan Pecenko (p)

Mehr Bilder von der Old Stoariegler Dixielandband gibt es im Fotoalbum zu sehen.

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